We’d love to learn about the predictive questions that impact your business the most and show you how Endor can help. We can get you up & running fast.

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We’d love to learn about your predictive questions and show you how Endor can help.

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Your One-stop-shop for Retail Predictions

Leverage consumer’s data to increase brand loyalty. Implement Endor’s predictive analytics into any type of retail business and get insights instantly on the wants and needs of current and prospective clients. Utilize Endor’s platform across all departments to easily develop actionable insights for better customer  engagement.

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Improve customer acquisition and loyalty

What do you want to forecast? Just ask:


Who will buy X next month?
Who is likely to buy a product launched a week ago?
Who will convert to premium?
Who’ll become a big spender?
Which X customers will buy Y?


Who will respond to promo X?
Which campaigns to maintain?
Who will buy online?
Who will use our mobile app?
Who will increase activity >$X?


Which cookie IDs will convert?
Who will respond to promo X?
Who’ll become 1st time buyer?
Who will increase activity?
Which inactive customers
become active given promo X?

The challenge

How do you build long-lasting and significant relationships with your customers? How do you utilize your data to accurately predict future customer’s behaviour? More specific, how can you predict what will be the most appealing offer and pricing to generate sales?

Endor's solution

Endor’s predictive analytics platform technology allows a fully automated, scalable, real-time, encrypted prediction system to be implemented across all departments. Gain a better understanding of who are your customers, how to approach them and what will keep them loyal to your business.

Why Endor

On any day, at any time, Endor brings the power of Predictive Analytics to all departments of your organization regardless of your sector or company size, and regardless of your teams’ data science expertise, time commitments, or background. With Endor, you move from the peripheries and get a panoramic view of the future.

“Social Physics is about behavioral analysis in big data, but it takes it to a completely new level.
We were very fortunate to find Endor and work with it”

Dr. Alan Boehme, CTO, the Coca Cola Company

Fast, Accurate & Scalable
business predictions

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