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Social Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter

From one of the world’s leading data scientists, a landmark tour of the new science of idea flow offering revolutionary insights into the mysteries of collective intelligence and social influence.

Security and Privacy in Social Networks

Security and Privacy in Social Networks brings to the forefront innovative approaches for analyzing and enhancing the security and privacy dimensions in online social networks, and is the first comprehensive attempt dedicated entirely to this field.

Beyond the Echo Chamber

Social explorers spend enormous amounts of time searching for new people and ideas—but not necessarily the best people or ideas. Instead, they seek to form connections with many different kinds of people and to gain exposure to a broad variety of thinking.

Social Physics in the MIT Media Lab

How can we create organizations and governments that are cooperative, productive, and creative? These are the questions of Social Physics, and they are especially important right now, because of global competition, environmental challenges, and government failure.

New Solutions for Cybersecurity

Ongoing cyberattacks, hacks, data breaches, and privacy concerns demonstrate vividly the inadequacy of existing methods of cybersecurity and the need to develop new and better ones. This book brings together experts from across MIT to explore recent advances in cybersecurity from management, technical, and sociological perspectives.

Tuning Social Networks to Gain the Wisdom of the Crowd

As we engage more and more with social networking sites, there is always the danger of a “group think” mentality–when people follow a group consensus rather than critically evaluate information.

Swarms and Network Intelligence in Search

Presents recent research on swarms and network intelligence in search
systems. Applies swarm intelligence methods to search technology.

Frontiers of Financial Technology: Expeditions in future commerce, from blockchain and digital banking to prediction markets and beyond

Financial technology innovation has exploded in the popular consciousness, and promises a radical transformation of the global financial services industry. Over $20 billion is expected to be invested in fintech projects in 2016.

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