We’d love to learn about the predictive questions that impact your business the most and show you how Endor can help. We can get you up & running fast.

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We’d love to learn about your predictive questions and show you how Endor can help.

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Fullstack Engineer

Job description

About us:
After years at MIT, Endor invented the “Google for predictive analytics”, providing automated
accurate predictions, fast, with no data science expertise required. 

Reinventing predictive analytics with proprietary Social Physics technology and massive machine power,
Endor makes accurate predictions scalable and accessible to all.

Powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology, and massive compute power,
Endor enables business users to ask predictive questions in plain language and get automated
accurate predictions.

We cultivate a fast-paced and positive work environment.
Our team members have a “do what it takes to get it done” mentality and enjoy a high level of independence.

Skills & Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the planning, documentation and execution of our applicative product, used by financial institutes and governmental agencies.
  • Highly delivery driven - loves to see features A-Z.
  • Write reusable components, libraries and backend API integration on an event-driven/microservice architecture
  • Modeling and defining proper database schemas for both Relational and Document database management systems.
  • Translate UI/UX design wireframes from ideation to production code.
  • Developing features to enhance the user experience.
  • Bridge the gap between graphic design and technical implementation.
  • Constantly evaluate our tooling (frontend/backend technical stack) and methodologies.
  • High technical aptitude, analytical thinking, fine detail orientation, and problem solving.
  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases, manually and automated.
  • Project management experience - estimate, prioritise, plan and coordinate testing activities.
  • Participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, or potential project risks.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS.c in “Computer Science” or an equivalent industry experience.
  • Experienced in solving hard-problems.
  • Experience with frontend technologies, Javascript, HTML, CSS, preferably have experience with ReactJS.
  • Experience with backend languages, one or more of: Node.js, Java, Kotlin, Python.
  • Experience working on cloud environments - preferably AWS. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of development concepts and industry trends/direction for micro-frontends/micro-services technologies and CI/CD concepts.
  • Experience with source control management (git), package managers (npm),
    and CI tools such as Jenkins/Travis.
  • Agile Development experience (preferably Scrum/Kanban).
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision while delivering on time.
  • Multi-tasking capabilities, readiness to take on challenges, willingness to learn and take part in developing our vast architecture and tooling.


  • Experience in working with a product backed by big data and statistics.

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