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We’d love to learn about your predictive questions and show you how Endor can help.

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Revolutionizing Predictive Analytics for Financial Services

With fast, accurate, and secure predictions you can use your data to provide a personalized banking experience to your customers. Endor’s AI-driven predictive analytics tool enables banking and financial services to forecast any area of their business:  Sales, Marketing, Operations, Risk or Strategy - Ask and It’s Answered .Endor’s  intuitive, easy to use platform accepts any business queries and delivers highly accurate predictive answers.

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Improve financial services with fast and accurate predictions.

What do you want to forecast? Just ask:


Who will need a loan next week?
Who will buy financial service X?
Who will get the new credit card?
Who will convert to premium?


Who will call the call center tomorrow?
Who will contact tech support for X?
Who will make a transaction tomorrow?
Who will make transactions at center X?


Who will default on a loan?
Who in group B won’t default?
Who will change credit group?

The challenge

Financial institutions need to identify untapped opportunities and offer a more attractive and personalized customer experience.

Endor's solution

Endor’s predictive analytics platform technology allows a fully automated, scalable, real-time, encrypted prediction system to be implemented across all veins of the business – the business culture, decision processes and operations.

Why Endor

On any day, at any time, Endor brings the power of Predictive Analytics to your institution regardless of your scope and size, and regardless of your teams’ data science expertise, time commitments, or background. With Endor, your staff moves from the peripheries and gets a panoramic view of your customers.

“Endor tripled our loan sales within a week of deployment.
They are our crystal ball, we look inside and see the future”

Ohad Maimon, EVP Business Development & Strategy, Leumi Card

Fast, Accurate & Scalable
business predictions

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