We’d love to learn about the predictive questions that impact your business the most and show you how Endor can help. We can get you up & running fast.

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We’d love to learn about your predictive questions and show you how Endor can help.

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Make Artificial Intelligence predictions accessible and useful TO ALL


Prof. Alex “Sandy”Pentland, MIT, Co Founder.
One of "The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists” - Forbes

What is Endor?

After years at MIT, Endor invented the “Google for predictive analytics”, providing automated accurate predictions, fast, with no data science expertise required.

Reinventing predictive analytics with proprietary Social Physics technology and massive machine power, Endor makes accurate predictions scalable and accessible to all.

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, Co Founder & CEO


“Technology Pioneer”

"Cool Vendor"

"World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists”

Winner of Network Challenge


Today’s challenge

The power of predicting the future belongs to tech giants only

Predicting future behavior carries huge $ value, but today’s Machine Learning technology makes predictive AI complex, slow, and expensive:

  • Scarce & expensive data science PhDs
  • Limited access to data
  • Requires a model per prediction (~2 months)
  • Expensive and limited scale

The result

Only big tech companies can spend millions of dollars to maximize the power of predicting the future for exponential revenues

Endor’s solution

Automated, accurate, affordable predictions engine for companies

Powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology,  and massive compute power, Endor enables business users to ask predictive questions in plain language, and get automated accurate predictions. No data science expertise required.

The result

Every company can scale predictive analytics, get immediate time to market with no data science expertise, and boost growth based on unlimited accurate predictions.


Democratizing predictive science - for everyone!

Endor.coin is the world’s first predictions protocol, enabling an ecosystem that provides automated, accurate, affordable predictions, for Individuals and Businesses


Who will take a short term loan next week?


Ask about the future and get an accurate prediction

  • Predictions for the people, by the people now enabled for the first time!
  • Use a growing catalogue of pre-defined predictions
  • Send a “request for prediction” (RFP) and get accurate results
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  • Upload high quality data and get EDRs
  • Adding data increases accuracy


  • Integrate a predictive engine, get EDRs
  • Adding engines increases efficiency


The protocol optimizes each prediction through an automated selection of the most relevant behavioral clusters, regardless of engine or data sources


Build predictive apps, get EDRs upon usage


Use a self-service interface to define a desired behavior, and get an accurate “look-a-likes” prediction

Decentralized Trustless Protocol

Accurate Automated Predictions

For Individuals & Businesses

Accessible and Affordable


Social Physics

Social Physics is a new science that uses big data to build a predictive, computational theory of human behavior.

Endor extended Social Physics using proprietary technology into a powerful engine that is able to explain and predict any human behavior.

Know More

Prof. Alex "Sandy" Pentland, MIT, Co Founder

We are coming to realize that human behavior is determined as much by the patterns of our culture as by rational, individual thinking. These patterns can be described mathematically, and used to make accurate predictions

Prof. Alex Sandy Pentland, MIT, Co-Founder
One of “The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists


The secret sauce

Social Physics breaks the paradigm

Instead of building a model per each predictive question, build one ”Social Sphere” of human behavior and ask unlimited predictive questions. This enables the democratization of predictive science.

”Social sphere” = groups of objects, who are NOW acting similarly. It is being refreshed upon need.

Bring the Social Sphere to perfection

Learning from numerous orthogonal data sets, the system continuously identifies millions of dynamic behavioral patterns, that trigger binding objects together within the Social Sphere.

How does endor work today?

Refresh Data

IT uploads row, encrypted, transactional data (no cleaning, any language).

Automated Social Sphere creation

The Endor engine scans the data, creating a refreshed “social sphere” daily.

“Social sphere” = ~500K groups of objects, grouped together since they are NOW acting similarly.

Ask predictive questions

The engine uses the question to automatically identify past examples of the required behavior. The examples will have strong correlation with few groups in the updated Social Sphere. Other “objects” in the group compose the “look-alike” prediction.

Endor product demo, Finovate 2017


Powered by Social Physics technology, and Blockchain infrastructure, ENDOR.coin protocol enables to democratize Artificial Intelligence predictions, making it accessible and useful for individuals and businesses

Ecosystem enablement

Decentralized execution

The protocol selects  the most relevant behavioral clusters for each prediction, regardless of the analytics engines or data sources involved in creating these clusters. It optimizes the predictions automatically, allowing any prediction to be executed in a fully decentralized, trustless manner

Censorship-resistance, zero bias

The protocol is a separated automated entity, uncontrolled by data or engines providers

Triple network effect


Social Physics technology is proven by Endor to provide accurate predictions to leading companies. Sharing an open protocol enables further democratization at enhanced accuracy due to rich orthogonal data and engines providers

Accountability and Authenticity

Using blockchain, predictions are stored indefinitely and transparently, saved as evidence to the predictions' time, data, and processing integrity

Data Sovereignty

Data contributed to the protocol is flagged as “public” or “private”. “Public” contribution is compensated with EDRs, and used by the engines to create clusters for predictions. “Private” data is used solely by its owners


Dr. Alan Boehme, CTO, the Coca Cola Company

Social Physics is about behavioral analysis in big data, but it takes it to a completely new level. We were very fortunate to find Endor and work with it

Dr. Alan Boehme, CTO, the Coca Cola Company

Ohad Maimon, EVP Business Development & Strategy, Leumi Card

Endor more than tripled our sales in our main campaign. Also, it enables trial & error by delivering predictions in one day, no data science required. This saves us lots of time and money

Ohad Maimon, EVP Business Development & Strategy, Leumi card

A revolutionary concept and a truly technological breakthrough. The results they presented are unmatched by any competing tool




Pre-sale IS Ending soon

The EDR Token provides you the right to purchase predictions

Token Economy

The EDR token is the exclusive means of payment for services on Endor.coin Protocol. The token’s utility will be its usage by Endor.coin’s customers to pay for predictions. This in turn is used to fund system infrastructure (AWS) and data acquisition (by rewarding data contributor). The EDR token will be ERC20 compatible, ensuring a high degree of security and integration with the ecosystem.


Token Symbol

0.267 USD

Price per EDR


Token Symbol


1.5 Billion

Overall supply

Capped, 30 days limit

Target of investment


Hard Cap

Token Symbol



$45 Million

Hard Cap

Token Symbol

Token Symbol


Capped, 30 days limit

Target of investment


Hard Cap

Token Allocation


Endor.coin long term reserves for development, operations, and ecosystem


Team and Advisors


Token Private Sale \ Crowd-Sale


Strategic partners

Use of funds

Funds will primarily be used for R&D and core technology development. Up to 30% will be used for the possibility of purchasing relevant proprietary technologies such as prediction engines and ETL connectors. Additionally, funds will be allocated for ecosystem expansion, business development and marketing, strategic partnerships, and supporting the academia.

White Paper

Endor is the first predictive software platform that lets business users ask any predictive question and get high-quality results in minutes instead of months.

Download full version:



Business users ask predictive questions, and get automated accurate predictions based on their data. No data science expertise required

Distinct Achievements:

Further Info:

(H2, 2018)

EDR token holders will be able to use a growing catalogue of refreshed accurate predictions,
provided by Endor.coin



(H1, 2019)

EDR token holders will be able to shape the growing predictive catalog using the RFP


(H2, 2020)

Businesses & professionals will be able to use their private data and Endor.coin public data to generate private predictions


Why contribute?

Predictions for the people, by the people

For the first time, individual users can get accurate, data driven predictions!

Decentralized protocol

Data soverty, multiple engines, accurate unbiast predictions for everyone

A scientific revolution from MIT

Led by "world’s most powerful data scientists”... Forbes

Proven technology

Already adopted by fortune 500 enterprises and smaller companies

Value to users, value to token holders

Users ask for predictions -> gain value -> increase token usage -> drive value for token holders

Tripple network effect

The more users join, the lower the price per prediction becomes.
The more data-providers join, the more accurate the predictions become




  • Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering
  • Leader at the World Economic Forum
  • Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
  • Winner of the DARPA Network Challenge
  • A founding member of advisory boards for Google, AT&T, Nissan and the UN Secretary General
  • His most recent books are “Social Physics”, and “Honest Signals”


Co-Founder & CEO

  • A researcher at MIT. Previously at IBM Research
  • Dr. Altshuler has authored over 60 scientific papers  and filed 15 patents
  • Research published at The Financial Times and Harvard Business Review
  • His recent published books are “Security and Privacy   in Social Networks” and “Swarms and Network Intelligence in Search”


Co-Founder & CPO

  • Tech-industry expert with 18 years experience of  product and management in SAP and AT&T
  • Veteran tech-leader at the Israeli 8200 intelligence unit
  • Author of 3 patents on data analytics


VP Marketing

  • Experienced Marketing and Business Development Executive
  • Led key business and marketing deals at leading global companies:  CheckPoint, AOL, Playtika, and Google.
  • Extensive international experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies



  • Tech leader and executive with over a decade of experience working with top tech companies.
  • Vast experience in building products from idea level to full-scale production.
  • Entrepreneur at heart, mission-driven manager


Vice Chairman

  • Serial entrepreneur and globally recognized authority in   financial innovation
  • Creator & co-convener, Oxford Blockchain Strategy and Oxford Fintech programmes
  • Published books on fintech, blockchain and cybersecurity
  • Member of Fintech Advisory Committee for Financial   Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)


Chief Alchemist

  • Blockchain Champion at the World Economic Forum
  • A California Berkeley Alumna
  • Member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda  Council, the Science and Engineering Research Council  of Singapore and the Canadian Science Technology and Innovation Council


Deep Learning Research Lead

  • Head of the “Curiosity Lab” at the Tel Aviv University
  • A leading expert in Deep Learning and Neural Networks Optimization
  • Holds a PhD in Quantum Physics, and another PhD in Neurobiology, as well as a degree in Medical Sciences


Algorithm expert

  • 16 years industry experience at Google, IBM, Intel and Lyft
  • World expert on the Theory of Graphs Analysis
  • Dr. Matsliah has published over 40 scientific papers,  focused on fundamental research in algorithms, complexity, and quantum computing


Machine Learning
Research Lead

  • An expert in Statistical Learning Theory
  • A seasoned researcher, combining deep theoretic realization of data science with hands-on industry experience
  • Holds a Master degree from the Hebrew University
  • A former decorated analyst at the Israeli 8200 intelligence unit


Software Architect

  • A seasoned software engineer with a great passion for technology
  • A ex-intelligence tech-leader, with vast experience in distributed systems, cloud architectures and SaaS products


Customer Success

  • Financial Risk Management professional, previously managed retail credit portfolios at Morgan Stanley and Barclays. 
  • 9 years experience at NICE, designing and implementing fraud prevention solutions deployed in 7  of top 10 U.S. banks
  • Alumnus of the Duke MBA Program


Data Scientist

  • Experienced data researcher
  • Leader in Network Analysis
  • BA in Cognitive Science from Hebrew University


Software Engineer

  • Backend Engineer with passion in optimizing and writing scalable software.
  • Ex team-leader & Project manager at the Israeli 8200 intelligence unit.


Head of UX/UI

  • UX/UI expert with 7 years experience of product and marketing design in At&t, Conduit and Yotpo.
  • BA in visual communication design from H.I.T


Operations Manager

  • An expert on public law litigation
  • Holds an MA in Law and Ethics and an LLB from the University of London
  • Past industry experience at McKinsey as well as a senior  legal adviser to the British Government



  • Founder and a Board Member at the Israeli Bitcoin Association
  • He has been active in the Bitcoin and Blockchain worlds  since 2011
  • The Executive Director of Mastercoin (now Omni)  the world's first ICO
  • An ex-Googler, and formerly the Chief Architect at  Commerce Science


  • Founder and CEO of Stronghold Labs, Co-Founder of Distilled Analytics, Partner at Numeraire Financial, Connection Science Fellow at MIT, and Visiting Professor of Financial Engineering at EPFL
  • Formerly a Managing Director and Co-Head of the Global Quantitative Group at Bank of America Merrill  Lynch and a Managing Director and Head of Capital Structure Quantitative Research at Citadel Investment Group
  • Author/Editor of eight books and more than a hundred research papers including the recent Scientific American article “How technology could help fix our broken financial system”


  • A World expert in Data Science, ex-Googler and ex- IBM-er
  • Formerly the Director of Engineering in Search at  LinkedIn and the Chief Scientist at Endeca
  • Research advisor at Apple, Salesforce, Yelp and Pinterest


  • An MIT Alumnus and an ex-Googler, and a former  researcher at Fidelity
  • World expert on big data, machine learning and complex systems
  • The inventor of “Reality Hedging” – a modeling of  financial markets dynamics through the understanding  of social systems
  • Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Thasos Group


  • Serial entrepreneur and a leading researcher in  Computer Vision
  • Research Fellow at Harvard University, and a Professor of Informatics at the University of Lugano
  • Bronstein has authored over 100 publications in leading journals and conferences, over 20 patents, and edited  4 books
  • World Economic Forum “world's 40 leading researchers under Forty"


  • A security expert, specializing in decentralized identity,blockchains and smart contracts
  • Hardjono was the Executive Director of VeriSign and  the MIT Kerberos Consortium
  • Has published 5 books dedicated to computer security  and cryptography


  • Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone and the Chief Data Scientist at the Data-Pop Alliance
  • Formerly, the Scientific Director of Telefonica R&D and a researcher at Microsoft
  • World expert on Data Philanthropy – the use of big data analytics as a form of collaboration in which private sector companies share data for public benefit
  • Authored over 90 scientific papers and book chapters and has filed over 40 patent applications


  • MIT Alumni in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (BS/MS).  MIT Lincoln Lab - Fiber Optics Group.
  • BlackRock - Real Assets with focus on Commodities/Risk Management
  • In his past, Gonta served as the CEO and founder of Market Prophit ( – a Big Data, fintech company that uses real-time NLP analysis of crowd-sourced social-media conversations for stocks, currencies, and commodities combined with unique quantitative algorithms to score and rank people based on the accuracy of their price predictions to generate sentiment signals
  • In his early career, Gonta served as the Managing Director of Commodities Sales at Barclays, as well as Vice President of Commodities Sales at Goldman Sachs


  • Founder and CEO of Enigma, the company behind the Enigma Protocol for creating Secret Smart Contracts and Catalyst - a platform that allows anyone to start a crypto hedge fund using sophisticated tools and data
  • Prior to Enigma, Guy was a graduate student at MIT researching and teaching blockchain technology
  • Guy authored several academic papers, most recently on privacy and the blockchain, including the Enigma whitepaper (downloaded over 100K times) and “Decentralizing Privacy: Using Blockchain to Protect Personal Data” that appeared in IEEE SPW 15’
  • Guy holds an M.S. from MIT and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University




Why will Endor Protocol be the future of the distributed predictive science market-place?

Endo Protocol will enable the first distributed prediction infrastructure ensuring that the predictions are unbiased and operating on fused public/private data-sets. Endor’s Social Physics will be the first AI engine to run on Endor.coin protocol, allowing anyone to enjoy top notch predictions at a fraction of the price without worrying about the data/AI infrastructure and data scientist that tailor models according to individual needs.

What is the total supply of EDR tokens? Will the supply increase over time?

The total supply is 150,000,000 EDR. The supply is caped and no additional EDR tokens are planned to be generated in the future. (All EDR tokens will be used in the prediction circulation)

Will I be able to trade the EDR token through regular cryptocurrency exchanges?

Legal restrictions prevent the discussion of what may or may not be happening regarding the EDR appearing on exchanges.

Where is Endor located?

Endor's offices and R&D center are located in Tel Aviv. Marketing, business development and sales in the US.

Was your previous product a success?

Endor's predictive analytics engine was recognized as a WEF (World economic forum) Technology Pioneer and a Gartner Cool vendor of 2017. The product is being used by top fortune 500 companies.

How long will it take for the tokens to have liquidity?

EDR token will be liquid directly after the crowdsale.

What makes Endor.coin protocol more attractive than other blockchain projects out there?

Endor.coin team has a successful track record of delivering high quality products. Our product proposition is the future of predictive analytics for blockchain based products and crypto currency.The EDR token has various use cases within the Endor.coin ecosystem which gives it a significant value for data/algorithm creators and prediction consumers.